Saturday, April 11, 2015

                                               PALMS, CALIFORNIA
I recently returned from a month in Twentynine Palms, California, painting with 5 other women artists from my Northern California region.  We had an amazing time, immersing ourselves completely in our work, with none of the other usual jobs and responsibilities pulling at our focus and energy.  We talked, ate and dreamed art.  I painted en plein air for the month at the adobe where we stayed and other local desert regions, including Oasis of Mara, Cochella Valley Palm Preserve and Joshua Tree. By the end I had completed 30 paintings.  These images below are a few of the paintings.

An Exhibition of more than 150 paintings by the 6 artists (Regina Case, Joan Dunning, Linda Mitchell, Kathy O'Leary, Rachel Schlueter, Alicia Tredway), will be held at Eureka Studio Arts, at an Art's Alive Opening on Saturday, May 2, 6 - 9pm.
 "Morning Light Joshua Tree"  11 x 14
 "Cactus Medley"  9 x 12
 "Cochella Palms"  112 x 16
 "Yucca Blooming"  9 x 12
"Joshua Tree"  10x 10

Thursday, February 26, 2015


This time last year I painted for a couple of weeks in the California Desert.  This year I will again be painting the desert for the whole month of March.  The fun part will certainly be that I will be accompanied this time by 5 other women artists from my region.

From left, me, Rachel Schlueter, Regina Case, Linda Mitchell, Joan Dunning and Alicia Tredway.

We will be staying in Twenty Nine Palms, and spread out from there painting at Joshua Tree,  Cochella Palm Preserve, Big Morango Canyon, Indian Canyons to name just a few places.  Coming from the very green north coast of California we are very excited about the new visual environment we will be painting in.  To keep up with our adventures we will be posting regularly on Facebook, under "Humboldt to 29 Palms.

Friday, February 13, 2015


For our monthly (Feb) Arts Alive I hung the paintings I completed during the 30 PAINTINGS IN 30 DAYS Challenge during the month of January.  I chose to do all my paintings from life, on 11 x 14 panels, each one to be completed within 3 hours.

 Committing to the challenge seemed a good way for  me to get a daily painting work out in preparation for a month long painting trip in March with 4 other local artists.   But completing a painting a day was a challenging commitment.  I'm a fairly fast painter, but getting to a location, setting up, painting, getting back to my studio, photographing the painting, putting it online (on 4 sites basically took a full day of work 7 days a week.

In spite of the demanding pace, the challenge was well worth doing.  It definitely kept me focused on my work. Helped me let go of some of my perfectionist tendencies. And each day brought the excitement of painting something new, either a landscape outdoors or a still life indoors when the weather was inclement.  Ultimately the challenge has been a great opportunity to continue developing my skills and working daily at something I love.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

#30 In The 30 PAINTINGS IN THIRTY DAYS Challenge

#30, I went back to the Eel River, near Meyers Flat for my final painting in the 30 in 30 challenge.  Another (scary) beautiful day in Humboldt County in January.  The backdrop was again the willows and other leafless trees against the redwood forest.  The light was perfect and the rock out cropping added further interest to the composition.
"Rocky Outcrop On The Eel"  11 x 14, oil on canvas panel.  To buy CLICK  here.

Friday, January 30, 2015

#29 In The 30 PAINTINGS IN 30 DAYS Challenge

For #29, I headed for the Eel River again.  However it was cold and windy right on the river bank so I headed back to Ferndale to find a more protected area thinking I would paint some of the farm lands. I found this scene, one I have painted from photos before, because of the great old cottonwoods lined up in the pasture.  It was still cold and windy but with the protection of my car I was able to get this scene in 2 hours before it started to get dark.  I had to be quick, so plan on giving myself more time to paint it again in better light.
"Green Pastures and Winter Cottonwoods"  11 x 14, oil on canvas panel.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

#28 In The 30 PAINTINGS IN 30 DAYS Challenge

#28 is painted from a still life set up at Eureka Studio Arts.  I was drawn to the  elegant shapes of both the copper pot and the calla lilies.  The callas are some of my favorite flowers and they are beginning their yearly bloom.  I'm looking forward to using them in more still lifes before their season ends.
"Still Life With Calla Lilies"  11 x 14, oil on canvas panel.  To buy CLICK here.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

#27 in the 30 PAINTINGS IN 30 DAYS Challenge

For #27 I went to the south part of our county and painted with an artist friend, Alicia Tredway.  We painted at Tooby Community Park.  Many scenes to choose from, and I decided to paint by the Eel River.  This time of year it always has such beautiful light and color.  The river is usually (unless there has been a recent rain) a turquoise  color.  Then with all the leafless trees, and willow that grows alongside reflecting off the water it is usually pretty spectacular.  Going to try to get one more painting in on the Eel, before this challenge is over. 
"Winter Willows on The Eel River"  11 x 14, oil on canvas panel.  To buy CLICK here.