Friday, April 12, 2013


I've always loved the desert, and recently had the opportunity to paint in the Southern California desert.  The first part of my trip was painting in Anzo Borrego State Park.  I had the opportunity to paint with a well known painter of California's deserts, Mark Kerckhoff, for two days.  Since I come from coastal Northern California, painting with Mark was the perfect introduction to a landscape so completely different  in color and light than I am used to.

After Anzo Borrego, I also spent 5 days painting in Joshua Tree National Monument, Indian Valley (near Palm Springs) and Cochella Valley Preserve.  Joshua Tree, and the native palms of the region were some of my favorite subjects.

 At first sight the desert looked dull and muted, yet the more I looked, the more I was able to see the beautiful subtle colors in the desert soil and plants, and the clear light cast by the dry desert skies.  Even with a little rain and wind, and working from a more limited pallet, my excitement for painting the desert only grew over the week, and I promised myself I would return again next year to paint in the region.

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Marian Fortunati said...

Great examples of beauty rarely observed.