Friday, September 12, 2014


Humboldt State's First Street Gallery in Old Town, Eureka, is hosting an exhibition about Humboldt Bay (including a bay model) and it's environs.  Four landscape painters from our region have been invited to contribute paintings featuring our beautiful  bay and the surrounding environment tied to life on the bay. as a major part of the show.  In addition to myself, the other painters included in the show are Andrew Daniel, Mimi LaPlant, and Stock Schlueter.  The show will run September 30 - November 2.

These are images of 5 of the 9 paintings I will be exhibiting in the show.

                                "Afternoon Light On Indian Island" 20 x 40

                                          "Arcata Marsh Pines"  12 x 16

                                          "Elk River Meets the Bay"  11 x 14

                                          "Foggy Morning"  9 x 12

                                   "Summer Humboldt Wildlife Refuge" 12x12

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